On-Line Entries

Part 1 – Event
(You only need to do this once)

i) Enter your contact details including mobile phone number

ii) Enter the date of the event you wish to enter (any format is acceptable)
( If the event is less than 3 days away – please text first !!! )

iii) Press the “Add to Cart” button to complete this section
you will be taken to your shopping cart page and will also show your First Aid contribution

iv) Check that your details are correct then click on the “Continue Shopping” to complete Part 2

Contact Details
Event Date


Part 2 – Classes
(You can do this as many times as necessary)

i) Choose from any of the options below for the type of classes you wish to enter
ii) Enter the name/number of the Class followed by the names of the Horse then the Rider

You can choose as many as you like – just click on the “Continue Shopping” to add more…

Choose an option
Class, Horse, Rider


Special Offer

If you wish, you can choose to enter three classes for the special price of £22.50
You will need to add three separate Class names/numbers to each of the three boxes below
Please note that this only applies to the jumping and showing classes (normally £8.50 each)
This  *DOES NOT*  apply to Dressage, Teams, Pairs or TSR classes…

Enter Class, Horse and Rider for your first class
Enter Class, Horse and Rider for your second class
Enter Class, Horse and Rider for your third class